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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 29, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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meg whitman's former housekeeper goes public saying she is here illegally and that meg whitman knew it.
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good evening everybody i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. tonight meg whitman is defending herself following allegations that she hired illegals. alred claims she was warned in 2003 but didn't fire diaz until she prepared for her run for governor. >> the way she treat me as if i was not a human being. >> reporter: the timing of the accusations are potentially devastating. just last night in her first debate, whitman called for a
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crack down, even employers who hired illegal immigrants. but are the charges true? >> the charges are not true. the charges are absolutely not true. >> she said that you were abusive, pregnancy discrimination, you humiliated her. >> it's a lie. she was a great employees, we had a great relationship. it's a lie. >> reporter: nikki diaz a former housekeeper and celebrity attorney gloria alred made the announcement. >> we signed her through a temporary company. there was no reason why we would think she was illegal at all. we had to let her go that very
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day. we said gosh nikki, you can't work for us anymore. >> reporter: the whitman campaign says consider the source gloria alred they say alred is a part of a quote democratic party sleaze machine. they say that alred is known for political stunts. they think that alred and brown may be in cahoots. >> this is how career politicians do their business. >> reporter: two days ago, the brown camp did alert us that whitman had so called housekeeper problems. if whitman could talk to nikki diaz today. >> if she's listening right now. i am so sorry.
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i bet you are feeling really badly. >> reporter: does whitman think her housekeeper should be deported? up to immigration officials she says. >> reporter: we have posted detales on the whitman issue. one california democrat is getting relatively good marks by an overwhelming number 72- 19% california voters disapprove of the job congress is doing. that contrasts to 37% who do not like the job pelosi is doing. being democrats both feinstein and pelosi fair much better
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among members of their open party. we have developing news out of marin county. it happened at the marin city district. we have learned one person was ejected from an suv when it overturned. the suv was traveling south and the person's body ended up in the northbound lanes. the highway patrol says several drivers were hit by debris. the northbound lanes opened about 15 minutes ago, southbound lanes remained closed. a pair ofing toes went on the attack today sending -- a pair of dogs went on the attack today after they went after a mailman. ktvu's jana katsuyama reports. >> reporter: the mail carrier was on his regular route when he came to this house. two dogs there crashed through
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a fence and attacked him. neighbors say they heard his screams. >> all i heard a gut gurdling meow. >> he was leaned over, he was holding himself. he was bleeding and he was saying, dog got bit by dogs. >> reporter: nicoleta says she called 911. >> he was all over the place, he was going into shock, he was sweating and shaking and scared. >> reporter: animal control officers captured the two dogs. a 10-year-old german shepherd named lolita and a lab-pit bull mix named king. that dog had caused trouble in 2006 and the owner carol martinez had agreed to keep the dog confined. >> we had agreed to give one out because we had indication that the dog's behavior was aggressive in some manner or that the owner could not properly confine the dog.
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>> reporter: a u.s. postal service spokesman says who had been a postal carrier for 20 years. >> if you're attacked by an animal you'll carry that scare for a long time. >> reporter: the postal service says they have about two dozen dog bites a year. the postal service says that homeowners are held responsible for dog bites like this one. >> in salinas we have about one a week and that's one too many. >> reporter: the two dogs are being held until the investigation is complete. if they are deemed dangerous, they could be put down and the owner could face citations. the san francisco federal judge h who recently ruled california's ban on same-sex marriages unconstitutional atphoups today that he is stepping down from the -- announced today that he is stepping down from the bench.
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he became chief judge of the federal district court in northern california in 2004. judge walker will be replaced as chief judge by district judge james ware. walker says he plans to return to private legal practice. the state today called off this week's execution. governor schwarzenegger issues a statement saying in part, it is absurd that our legal system continues to presrept the state from carrying out the will of the people -- to prevent the state from carrying out the will of the people. >> reporter: brown was just
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hours away from an an execution that was supposed to take place early this morning. >> after about 4:00, 3:00 this afternoon mr. brown was removed from his isolation cell and returned to his accommodations on death roll. >> reporter: the state supreme court was asked to let the execution be carried out. >> they ought to be allowed to proceed with the execution. >> reporter: after back and forth court rulings it became vious that earliest brown could be executed would be on friday, but by that time the
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drug would have expired. prison officials say inmates and staff had little reaction to the execution delay even the condemned inmate showed little emotion after learning his life had been spared, for now. >> seems like he's still maintained the same demeanor in that he's been mellow through the entire process. >> reporter: when the lethal drug is available again, the state will have a new governor, and a new strategy to carry out the next execution sometime next year. ken wayne. the cleveland hospital caring for former president jimmy carter said today it apears a viral infection led to his stomach ailment. the medical staff said the viral infection is clearing up but carter will remain in the
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hospital tonight. the former president sent a message of thanks to everyone who expressed concern about him. worries about bang and retail progress sent a wind through wall street today. palo alto based hp soared on better than expected earnings. september is turning out to be a good month for car makers. auto sales got a boost with end of the summer deals. the numbers should be good compared to last september when sales were dismal after that cash for clunkers program ended. fog brings relief from sering heat, how much of a cooldown you can expect and who will feel it the most, tomorrow's forecast is coming up in less than 10 minutes. >> reporter: medication and how to pay for it, why the people at one san francisco rally says the cause they are marching for is
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they say it's a matter of life and death. protesters marching tonight demanding that the federal government continue to fund a drug system for hiv-aids
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patients. allie rasmus has our report. >> reporter: the people at today's march are worried about drugs and how to pay for them. a government program helps people pay for those meds but now some are worried about the program's future. >> i was on my way to die until i started taking the medication and turned my life around. >> reporter: jesse brooks says there's no way he could afford his hiv medication if it wasn't for adap the aged drug assistance program. it helps low income and uninsured patients afford expensive medication. >> this is about $1,300. the calitra is $900. >> reporter: the program is funded by the federal government but now -- >> the adap moneys are running out. and a lot of states around the country are now it's going into a waiting list. >> reporter: that's what brought this group out to the
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streets of san francisco this evening. aids health care foundation says there's a bill in congress that would provide stimulus money too expand the program. but that bill hasn't come up for debate yet which is why the marchers signs and nap took aim at house speaker nancy pelosi. we have to find the money some where. because we're talking about life and death. >> reporter: in response the speakers's office e-mailed this statement asking that the money not come from stimulus funds but that instead she supporting a different skill that would provide adap $75,000 for the next months. >> it doesn't allow for additional need. we have seen over the years of the hiv epidemic that every year there are more people. >> reporter: and that e-mail from speaker pelosi's office also defended her record saying increased resources for hiv aids care has been one of her
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highest priorities throughout her entire congressional career. allie rasmus. supporters of a ballot more to reform pensions hit the streets today. those against proposition b campaigned in the castro district. they call it bad medicine and said it would hurt employees to have workers pay into their pension. >> once we educate them that this is a bad measure that only doubles the cost for families. then they californians will understand and be with us. >> reporter: san francisco public defender and prop b sponsor jeff adachi told people in china town today if there is no pension reform san francisco will wind up with another budget crisis. the head of california's plan high speed passenger plan today said the project will go forward despite some
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challenges. the proposed bullet train would travel from san francisco in just three hours. stph-tz the new law prohibits transportation agencies from selling or sharing a driver's personal information and agencies will have to purge information when it is no longer needed. the government has no reason to keep that information. most workers would celebrate if they got an extra week off. but san jose school employees will be out of work all of next week on unpaid furlough. the reasons are budget cuts and as robert handa reports now. teachers and students are deeply concerned on how it will impact their learning. >> what are they asking us to bring? >> reporter: jennifer thomas is an english teacher who isn't looking forward to her five
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days off. but district employees decided to accept five furlough days in order to avoid lay offs. it amounts to almost a 3% pay loss. but for thomas the real loss is the crucial instruction time for students. in all, 1,200 nonteaching workers will be gone for good. >> we'll probably start to get a sense o that next summertime when we start to see our text results rolling in and thinking about the curriculum we didn't get to share are our students. >> reporter: students say that a week off sound pretty good, but not in terms of their education. >> you can't recover certain things like that. >> we have home work but we're going to be missing so much material that's available to us
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in class, we're talking to teachers and interacting with students. we have so much material to cover this year and it's going to be so hard to regain that when we come back. >> reporter: the district decided to go with five consecutive days because students have a series of uninterrupted weeks before and after the furlough week. parents are sympathetic with teachers but angry that the lawmakers have not come up with a budget. the five day furlough will still only save about $5 million to other drastic measures may have to be taken while the district and classroom seats remain empty. robert handa. san francisco is changing its -- it will redraw the zones that determine which school a child atepid and use other cry
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the tier kwra such as if an older sibling goes to the school. -- attend and use other criteria such as if another sibling goes to the school. it's 101 in antioch. some places were slightly warmer. most cooled a few degrees. the cooler trend has begun, the air quality is getting better and the fog is back. we showed you the pictures earl will hiker. the fog is out there, we showed it to you earlier. you can see the forecast calls for more of that fog headed our way. overnight lows, mild. low 60s in the santa clara valley. as we head for the microclimates not nearly as hot as it has been. temperatures in the 80s in the hot spots instead of the 100s. when i come back, we're going to look at the five day forecast and we have changes coming for your weekend. we'll let you know which days will be the coolest.
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the judge in the anna nicole smith drug trial today threw out two of 19 charges against smith's former boyfriend and lawyer howard stern. it's not the same person as the famous radio show host. smith died of an accidental drug overdoze in florida and prosecutors have charged stern and two doctors with conspiring to give smith drugs. prosecutors say it was only a test. what they hope to prove today with this powerful explosion. firefighters say all smoke detectors are
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danville police have confirmed to ktvu news that an embezzlement investigation is on the way at st. isidor catholic church. this past sunday a pastor told churchgoers that a trusted church parishiner had embezzled money. the first robbery happened on august 28 at the chase branch bank. the same man committed a second robbery four days later at the same bank just after midnight. in each case the photo showed the man placing his arm around the victim's neck and demanding money. during one of the robberies he
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also knocked the victim to the ground. the san francisco medical examiner's office today confirmed the identity of a man police shot and killed last sunday. police say officers shot michael lee because he pulled a weapon on the officers during an altercation. police have not yet said what kindover weapon it was. police went to lee's apartment because of a noise complaint. in oakland the jury has found two men brake light of first degree murder -- two men guilty of first degree murder in the shooting of a young boy. prosecutors say the shooters 23- year-old julio montano and francisco zamora were gang membered. the young men thought the teenager was a member of a rival gang, he was not, and was simply playing tag with friends when he was killed. 30 members of the gulf
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cartel were paraded before cameras in mexico city. the arrest came after two days of raids in cities near the u.s. border. one of the suspected drug traffickers is a woman. mexico has recently been making regular high profile cartel arrests. federal prosecutors today released video of an fbi test showing what may have happened in may if the time square car bomb had exploded. according to court documents, the test used the same materials used in the i said kept including 250 pounds of ammonia nitrate and desil fuel. congress has adjourned tonight and members are headed home to get on the campaign trail full time. before shutting down the house
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and senate approved a temporary spending resolution to fund the government for the next two months but they took no action on the controversial issue of extending the bush tax cuts. democrats nor republicans want to answer questions about how they voted. >> they think there's more good they can do at home on the campaign trail rather than passing another piece of legislation here on congress. well they are in most every home. who's sounding an alarm tonight about the most common smoke alarms and what they are proposing now as an
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calfire moved quickly this afternoon to extinguish a grass fire east of mount dia ablo state park. an aggressive attack contained the the fire to just two acres. it took firefighters a little more than an hour to put it out. palo alto fire officials want to swap out smoke detectors in as many homes as they can by requiring a new type of smoke alarm. if it happens, palo alto would become the second bay area city to enact such an ordnance. albany did it just a few months ago. maureen naylor is live with our report. >> reporter: the palo alto fire department wants to become equip with this fire detector saying it can better help save lives. >> we would probably save about a thousand lives a year.
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>> reporter: the palo alto fire marshal is trying to make this fire detector better. >> a photo electric alarm, uses a small beam of light and looks for reflections off of visible smoke parols particles in the air. so it's looking for smoke the way humans look at it. can i see it. >> reporter: he says that's what happened at this house fire two weeks ago. >> that fire was noticed by the occupants about 10 to 15 minutes before their alarm activated. >> we were lucky, we relevantly were lucky. >> reporter: lucky this neighbor says to have her home still standing after another fire scare. >> we were cooking soup and forgot about it.
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when we got home we realized it was burning. there was smoke, and it was so thick i was surprised the alarm didn't go off. >> reporter: photo electric alarms cost more about $15 compared to $10 compared to other alarms. developers in the past have been hesitant to install them because of the increased cost. the two types of alarms virtually look the same. the only way you can tell the difference is on the front you will find the letter p or on the back you will find the letter p. the palo alto city council is expected to take up this proposal in october. maureen naylor,. the santa cruz city of watsonville has decided to flourinate it's drinking water. supporters point to overwhelming evidence that flouride prevents tooth decate. 75% of children in the area
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have den it will problems because of a lack of chloride. the santa clara water district announced changes today when it comes to conserving water. instead of the 10% mandatory water conversation that's been in place for months. water officials are now asking for 45% water conservation. water managers said customers have cut back 20% of their water use during the past 14 months. a bay area program to help teenagers get a college degree got a boost tonight. a new learning center. it's designed to help put those who might have difficult t getting to college on track to a higher education. amber lee has this report. >> reporter: the carpenter's union hall building at oakland's jack lindon square now houses a new center which helps under privileged high
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school students get into college. and tonight was the grand opening of their facility. >> our students use the computer lab for a lot of different things. >> reporter: the nonprofit started 13 years ago with two dozen students. today there are 200. the main criteria for acceptance is a desire to achieve. >> we're looking if -r the kids that have that fire in their belly. that drive and the ambition but lack the resources. >> reporter: 19-year-old ni arde is one of the program's success stories he now attends san francisco state and heaps to become a nurse. he told his track after school workshop, tutoring and counseling helps him stay off the streets. >> i probably wouldn't be going to college. >> reporter: why not? >> because this program helps everybody. they were like a second family to me. >> reporter: the program helps
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them get into a college. >> i wouldn't know how to look for colleges i would want to go to. >> reporter: the program is funded by donations. maureen powell jobs the wife of steve jobs cofounded college tracks, she says she was inspired after speaking at carlisle high school. the program started in east palo alto and is also in san francisco and new orleans. >> we need to make sure that all promising students are given that level of opportunity. >> reporter: college track as served more than 1,111 students. the program is considering expanding to other cities. in oakland, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. federal education officials today announced the oakland based charter school organization aspire public schools is getting $6 million
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to open 15 new schools california. aspire public schools is the only one in the united states to get the funding. the extra funding will help them enroll an extra 4,500 new students. and the latest we learned about an incident that left an officer wounded. inland it was so hot. there's changes coming, i'll tell you which citiesú
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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when it came out of nowhere. suddenly, there were lights all around me. i'm like, "they're coming for me!" yeah, it was crazy. i just never thought they'd find me. not out here. it doesn't matter where you drive. if you don't buckle up, you will get caught. cops are cracking down all across the country. click it or ticket. a federal police officer was air lifted to an east bay hospital today after accidently shooting himself with his own gun. it happened this morning at the
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chevoe gun club in the hills at san leandro. a camp parks police officer was training on the range when his gunfire rounded him in the leg. camp parks is a reserved training facility. the officer was air lifted to eden medical center in castro valley where he is in fair condition. project homeless connect came to the park offering medical services and phone mail accounts to those in need. organizers and their clients said the current economy is driving more people into homelessness. >> forced to be in a situation i don't want to be in. >> an estimated 500 people showed up today to take add add advantage of the services.
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a similar event last year drew only 200 people. two power out earthquakes hit today less than a minute apart. the first quake measured 2.2 and the second 7.2. the earthquakes were very close in location. indonesia sits on numerous active faults. in mexico search teams struggled in rain and saturated soil trying to find 11 people reported missing yesterday in a landslide. a hurricane battered southern mexico during the past six weeks. a second landslide late today was reported in neighboring chiapas state. in india, almost 100,000 police are in new delly. it's the largest sporting event
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ever held there. indian officials are under invest tpwaeugs. indiana india has been the frequent target of attacks. a laboratory in germany found a tiny amount of a drug called clembut era l in a europe sample. contador is formally suspended but did not say whether he will be stripped of his latest victory. dozens of workers and their families on ground zero went to washington, d.c. to put
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pressure on lawmakers. dozens of child care centers close their doors for a day. the message they
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>> california is now almost a quarter of the way into the new fiscal year and the state still tkupt have a budget. with each passing day the impact on regular working people, families and children just gets worse. that's why protesters in the east bay today took some dramatic action to try and pressure sacramento. ken pritchett has our report. >> today we are here to demand a package of the state budget. >> reporter: they are child care workers, parents and students from one of the
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largest child care developments. this morning the doors were shut. it was a one day closure for this rally. >> we thought this was the only way really to allow families to be heard for us to help them to stand up and speak for tháess. >> reporter: they protested lawmakers in sacramento who have failed for 91 days now to pass a budget. condango says it has not been paid from the state since july 1st to the tune of $125,000 a day putting jobs and services at risk. >> we lose our jobs, my son loses his child care and it affects me, it affects my family. >> reporter: in sacramento there was no progress to report. a deal had appeared imminent on monday. each day that passes without a state budget can bring new consequences not just for child care center but with higher education. the state delayed yet again
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another massive payment to our community college system. that missed payment of $450 million brings the total the state now owns to the colleges to $840 million. city college of san francisco chancellor don griffin says his staff is scrambling to find loans. >> we've already had to borrow $27 million to get this far in thephysial year and we're anticipating having to borrow another 20 million to get us through october and into november. >> reporter: everyone when a budget is passed it will still leave city college to cope with cuts over the past two years. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. governor arnold schwarzenegger signed two bills today to make it easier for students to transfer to california state universities. the new laws streamline the process for students who earn associate degrees in two two
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year colleges. the bills sponsors say the new rules should make it easier for those students to get bachelors degrees. the supervisors chamber at san francisco city hall will soon be made wheelchair accessible. the bill was voted in two to one. it will connect to the chamber president's podium. the board rejected a similar plan in 2008 that would have cost a million dollars. the after effects of tropical storm nicole are causing misery tonight in parts of caribbean. the storm passed east of miami and has now dissipated. but the storm damaged jamaica before moving into cuba. the nicole made it as far as north carolina. the rain caused some flooding in florida. and i'll bet you feel it outside right now or in your own home where temperatures
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tonight are a good five and 10, 15 degrees cooler than they were last night this time. better for sleeping. so the house is cooling down, we go outside, the reason will the winds out along the coast. you see the greens, those cooler colors those are your 50s right. you see the temperatures now. you can see the greens and yellows those are your 50s filling into the valley. that sea breeze is kicking in and that indicates things are cooling off by a good 20 degrees in san francisco. tomorrow we're going to see more fog at the coast. more fog across the bay. temperatures inland will come down a few degrees, we're looking for numbers instead of, 100s, tomorrow we're going to have lots of low 90s and upper 80s. as we head toward the weekend, this low pressure center comes up. it's going to be close enough that it's going to take the clouds and put them right on top of us. it's not going to be a cold
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weekend. we're going to be temperatures instead of in the low 80s are going to be in the mid-70s. clouds and cool, then the fog burns closer to the beaches. stays foggy all day and then temperatures in the upper 80s, low 90s. here come the reds, but no purples this time. the heat and here's that cool print of marine air. that same footprint a little farther as we head into thursday and friday. keeps pushing those reds out into the foothills. temperatures are cooling rapidly. air quality gets a lot nicer. it was hot. this is a lot nicer i think. that was a nice little run of heat. but when you get the air quality like we had yesterday, even today you can see the air in the air quality. it gives the firefighters a chance to relax just a little bit, the folks at the coast i
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know you love the fog, you're going to get your share of it this week end. it'll be through the early part of next week. the records yesterday and the day before it was a hot run and now we come back into something we can all tolerate. comfortable sleeping. five northern california beaches stand out in a new report but for all the wrong reasons. the nonprofit group called heal the bay gave them grade of c and d for water quality. two locations at keller beach in contra costa county. heal the bay tests water for bacteria between memorial day and labor day. we've posted a full report on can just click on web links. coming up here, only four games left. now both th
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the highway patrol today honored one of its own for heroism. jacks is a german shepherd this past january jacks helped capture a driver who took police on a high speed chase then took off. for his good work, jacks received the commissioner's award for heroic action and a very large milk bone. >> i like it. >> this is really a good race. >> i can smell the champane but can't quite taste it yet.
12:25 am
seems just one gut grinder after another. tim lincicum not going to win the sy young award this year but he has won everybody over with his clutch september play. it's a two game lead now with four to play. having to come back again, lincicum second pitch of the game, steven drew of the d backs launches it, gone. 1-0. you know what you're thinking but lincicum settles in, didn't allow another run. 11 strike outs in 7 innings leading to his 16th victory and all the the offense he needed provided on one swing in the 4th inning. burrell kick it to right with two on. his 18th home run since joining the giants in a pick up as a season went on. brian was a little shaky but his 47th save. uribe handling, two on at the time. the last out there and the giants win it 3-1. you know the
12:26 am
padres couldn't ablidge and keep losing. they brought the chicken out. ramirez thought he had a two run homer. beautifully done in left center field, the rob ramirez as you see it again. sensational catch padres had it going offensively in a 3-0 win enough to save it. with a shot down to left field line, got himself an rbi double and there you have it. they take away a victory and they're still alive. the a's were hungrier for a second place win. all of a sudden the angels have gotten hot and the a's have cooled off as christmas comes early in anaheim. as in the 11th inning. tory hunter's two out rbi single off zigler who he was 0-
12:27 am
13 against. and the o's skidding to their sixth straight loss. exactly no time when we change the subject for the stanford cardinal to bump their chest about thrashing noter dame as their first win at the irish after ár and they have to ready up for a rival in eugene. coach harbaugh feeling his team matches up nicely. but you hear it a thousand times, you have to hang on to the football. >> avoid turnovers. oregon does a tremendous job. sacks, fumbles, interceptions, this team is built for speeds. the defense as well as offense. you try to get some stops on their offense because this is one of the best offenses in all
12:28 am
of college football. and curry picks up an extension. that's the sporting life for wednesday night. two game lead with four to go. >> mark, thank you. >> hold on tight. that is the 10:00 news for tonight. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. as always our coverage continues online at have a gre
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